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The House of Slytherpuff

Welcome to the Madness

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Welcome to Slytherpuff, the house for those who just don't fit in Slytherin based on the lack of effort towards evil deeds, but those who aren't overly cheerful enough to be Hufflepuff, yet some how fit in between.

Screw Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, no one cares about them. This is where its at.

We are half badger, half snake, and all dooooom! Fear the awesome might of the Slytherpuff. We have style, charisma, charm, good looks, intelligence, drive, ability and just all around everything you wish you could have. Be jealous, its okay, because we know you want to be.

So welcome, come and join our company. Make fun of people, have fun, gossip, chit chat or cause drama. Mischief welcome, but really, who cares? Thats right, no one. Oh, and I forgot, Ravenclaws are nerds. Female Ravenclaws allowed, because smart girls are kinda hot (in that whole scientist/researcher/librarian way) but the guys are just losers. Yeah, thats right.

Gryffindors are allowed but only if you admit you are a loser and want to become something better. Ha! Oh, and use Harry Potter icons here, the funnier the better. Why? Because thats just how we groove.